vPenTest: Your Cyber Shield

Proactive security for your IT and OT networks.

As a leader in cybersecurity solutions, AIKI Secure offers vPenTest to protect your critical infrastructures against emerging threats. Thanks to our expertise, we can identify potential risks and strengthen your systems against future attacks.

vPenTest: our expert solution for OT and IT protection

In today’s industrial landscape, operational technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT) are essential to day-to-day operations, but they remain vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Our vPenTest solution offers comprehensive coverage through targeted, strategic penetration testing. We simulate realistic attack scenarios to identify potential weaknesses in your OT and IT systems, enabling you to correct them before they are exploited by malicious actors. By integrating our cybersecurity expertise with cutting-edge technologies, vPenTest ensures not only the security but also the optimum performance of your infrastructures.

Thanks to our personalized approach, we tailor our services to the specifics of your industry and systems, ensuring robust protection and enhanced resilience in the face of emerging cyber threats.”

Our Steps

How we secure your network


We start with a thorough assessment of your current network to understand your unique security landscape.


Using advanced attack simulations, we mimic potential threats to identify vulnerabilities.


We provide you with a detailed report describing the security weaknesses and the corrective measures to be taken.

Remediation support

Our experts guide you through the remediation process to improve your network's security posture

Customized network penetration testing services

The vPenTest difference

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